🦸User Roles and Interactions

Description of users and their actions.

The Antipulse ecosystem is designed to foster a dynamic community, with various roles that users can assume, contributing to the ecosystem's growth and sustainability. Here's an outline of key user roles and their interactions:

  1. Community Members:

    • Engage with the ecosystem by holding $XPULSE NFTs and $APLS tokens.

    • Participate in governance decisions, contributing to the direction and policies of the ecosystem through the DAO.

    • Benefit from the ecosystem's growth through staking rewards, access to exclusive content, and participation in events.

  2. Developers:

    • Contribute to the platform's infrastructure by developing new features, applications, and services.

    • Participate in bounties and hackathons sponsored by the ecosystem for innovation and improvement.

    • Interact with the community to understand needs and integrate feedback into development.

  3. Contributors/Creators:

    • Create content, tools, or services that benefit the Antipulse community.

    • Receive $APLS tokens as rewards for valuable contributions.

    • Influence the ecosystem's development by proposing initiatives and participating in the DAO.

  4. Investors/Stakers:

    • Support the ecosystem financially by investing in $APLS tokens and NFTs.

    • Participate in staking to secure the network and earn staking rewards.

    • Influence the ecosystem's financial strategies through DAO proposals and votes.

  5. Curators and Moderators:

    • Maintain the quality and integrity of the ecosystem by curating content and moderating discussions.

    • Foster a positive and productive environment for all members.

    • Earn $APLS tokens for their crucial role in community management.

  6. Partners and Collaborators:

    • Engage with the ecosystem through partnerships that bring additional value and services to the community.

    • Collaborate on special projects, events, and cross-promotions.

    • Expand the reach and capabilities of the Antipulse ecosystem through strategic alliances.


  • Governance: Users participate in the DAO, proposing and voting on initiatives, upgrades, and community guidelines.

  • Economic Activity: Users engage in staking, trading, and creating economic value within the ecosystem, driving growth and sustainability.

  • Social Engagement: Users interact through forums, social media, and events, fostering a strong sense of community and collaboration.

  • Development and Innovation: Developers and contributors work together to bring new ideas to life, continuously evolving the platform.

  • Education and Support: New users are onboarded and supported by more experienced community members, creating a nurturing environment for growth.

By defining clear roles and facilitating diverse interactions, the Antipulse ecosystem nurtures a thriving community where each member plays a part in creating a robust and sustainable digital economy.

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